My Awesome Interview

My sisters have recently started a YouTube channel called Crafty Creations and my sister interviewed me! It’s my big break! I’ll probably get a million views! Anyways, here is the link to the video. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to their channel…whatever that means, I’m not very good with technology but I am theodorable so that makes up for it

Also, my sisters have their own individual channels and one of them is called Pastel Squishy and the other one is Kawaii Pastel Crafter so please go subscribe to them also! Thanks!


Shopping at Home Depot


I am shopping at Home Depot right now! My house is getting remodeled so I’m shopping for things for the house! It is boring at my house because I have to sit in the bathroom while my mom works on the house! To make things worse, my sisters are at their grandparents’ house so there is nobody to play with! 🙁